AI-driven social-emotional learning programs to improve emotional resilience & well-being for children, adolescents, and youth.

Past and Current Partners

UNICEF India, WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Research, SOFINA COVID Solidarity Fund, The Ministry of Youth and Sports - Govt. of India, Yuwaah, Social Alpha, Ashoka, Development Bank of Singapore, Warwick University / National Institute of Health Research

Active Countries
USA, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Malaysia
Thematic area(s)
Crisis, Health, Other
SaaS, Whitelabel, AI
Organisation Name
BringChange Public Benefit Corporation

The Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all including the well-being of millions of students and youth who are facing this unprecedented crisis and need immediate help. Unfortunately we not only miss identifying individuals at-risk, proactively but also understanding the roots-of-risk that push these individuals over the edge.

The Solution

TrustCircle's AI-driven Social Emotional Learning(SEL) platform fosters emotional resilience, prevention, and early interventions for children, adolescents, and youth at scale. The SEL platform inspires the art of self-reflection and journaling and is designed to help individuals recognize & manage their emotions and seek help when needed, even remotely. Administrators, counselors, mentors, and district/city/county leaders can leverage the AI-driven wellbeing insights to identify high-risk individuals/demographics, proactively and take action to promote health & well-being within their communities.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Advocating for systemic change by introducing Social Emotional Learning as core to the education curriculum.
  • Step 2: For each school, college, or university, teachers introduce 2-3 minutes of self-reflection time in classrooms.
  • Step 3: Students log their emotions and journal to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a trusted and secure space. Students gain wellbeing insights to understand their emotional trends and take action, build their circle of trust and seek help from any device. Students also earn recognition & rewards, gain visibility, and inspire others.
  • Step 4: The SEL platform AI-models provide sentimental analysis and identify those who may be ""at-risk"" and why.
  • Step 5: Administrators are then in a position to provide aid to at-risk individuals proactively and inspire early interventions.
Digital X Solution TrustCircle

Bridging the digital divide

TrustCircle puts power, responsibility, and initiative in the hands of children, adolescents, and youth. The SEL platform allows individuals to speak into the app and express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions thereby empowering even illiterate individuals to utilize the platform. The platform is designed to be multi-lingual and can work offline or in low-bandwidth zones.

Impact and highlights

USA: Empowering 80,000+ individuals. Africa (Kenya / Nigeria): Empowering 10,000+ individuals. India: Empowering and Onboarding 1.2M+ individuals. Malaysia: Empowering 1000+ individuals. 5X increase in Seek Help Requests inspiring students to reach out for help proactively resulting in few lives saved as well. 20% increase in peer-peer inspiration per organization reflected via rewards & recognition. 10% of users per organization are most active on the platform showing high levels of emotions as TrustCircle SEL platform is giving trusted space to those who need it the most. Proactively identifying 2-3% of users per organization showing peak emotion levels for anger, fear, and sadness including identifying roots of risk for them ( academic / social / personal ) thereby fostering prevention and early interventions at scale. 50% increase in counselors productivity in terms of helping students proactively as counselors utilize well-being insights and data-driven model to serve proactively rather than reactively waiting for someone to show-up or act only when an incident takes place. 2x increase in Teachers gratification quotient of promoting mental wellness in their classrooms as they are inspiring systemic change by introducing 2-3 minutes of self-reflection time in each class thereby making SEL core to the education system.

Plans for expansion

TrustCircle is looking to forge public, private, government partnerships to serve this global challenge at scale.To ensure Social Emotional Learning is core to the education system, TrustCircle is looking forward to partnering with governments globally especially with the Ministry of Education of the partner country to serve every school and every student. Originally designed for children, adolescents, and youth in schools, TrustCircle is also looking to empower refugees and other groups where it's critical to foster emotional resilience and well-being of children, adolescents, and youth. By the end of 2026, TrustCircle aims to empower 5 million individuals, globally.