Sehat Kahani

Telemedicine platform that creates employment opportunities for female health workers.

Past and Current Partners

UNDP and Draper University Impact Health-tech Pre-Acceleration Program, Spring accelerator, I2I Accelerator, GSMA Innovation Accelerator, USAID Challenge and growth fund, Grand Challenges Canada, British Asian Trust

Active Countries
Thematic area(s)
Gender, Health, Inclusive Growth
SaaS, Whitelabel
Organisation Name
Community Innovation Hub

The Problem

Sehat Kahani is focused on two major health challenges in Pakistan of supply and demand by providing a reliable digital demand chain for healthcare service and products to the more than half impoverished population of Pakistan and a digital supply chain by creating more work opportunities for female doctors in the country.

The Solution

The solution promotes employment opportunities for the female health workforce whilst advancing services for healthcare through telemedicine across Pakistan.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Patients can log in to the application by creating a unique login patient ID
  • Step 2: Patients can record their health data to have a virtual healthcare database within the application
  • Step 3: Patients can access a female doctor (general physician or specialist) according to their health needs
  • Step 4: Patients can opt for audio/video/ chat consultation with the doctor
  • Step 5: Consultation history, as well as prescriptions, can be provided to the patient digitally (patients can also get access to an e-diagnostics or an e-pharmacy service)
  • Step 6: Patients pay digitally for the services or via company-enabled subscriptions
Digital X Solution Sehat Kahani

Bridging the digital divide

Sehat Kahani connects a network of predominantly female health professionals to patients who need quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare by using a one-stop shop telemedicine application that allows real-time and instant chat/audio/video doctor consultations, e-diagnostics, e-pharmacy, and health counselling within a few clicks. Sehat Kahani has created brick-and-mortar e-clinics across rural areas where nurse intermediaries connect walk-in patients to online doctors, specialists and mental wellness experts.

Impact and highlights

  • Successfully created a network of 7,000 medical workforce professionals and has emerged as the premium platform that provides flexible opportunities for female doctors to return to work.
  • The platform services 1M+ patients via online consultations, counselling and other value-added primary care services.
  • 38 E-Clinics available for patients (Pakistan) employing 100 plus community health workers.
  • The mobile application reaches 410 corporate clients.

Plans for expansion

Creating a strong base of 7.2 million users using Sehat Kahani's solution nationwide. Sehat Kahani envisions growing into markets such as Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka as well as areas of Africa and Latin America. Sehat Kahani is in the process of establishing strong Public Private Partnerships with government, non-government entities, insurance companies, banks, telecoms, existing telemedicine enterprises, and doctor networks to ensure a strong collaborative ecosystem in which its operations can expand.