Precision Development

A two-way digital agricultural advisory platform that sends tailored information to smallholder farmers to help them increase productivity and incomes.

Past and Current Partners

Global Development Incubator, Unorthodox Philanthropy.

Active Countries
More than 10 countries
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth, Climate
Organisation Name
Precision Development (PxD)

The Problem

Precision Development empowers smallholder farmers to improve their productivity, increase their profitability, and advance environmental sustainability. Precision Development aims to empower 100 million farmers through a new model for agricultural extension: delivering to farmers personalized agricultural advice through their mobile phones. Precision Development implements this model in collaboration with partner organizations to maximize scale, and continuously experiment, iterate, and gather evidence on impact to improve our services. By the end of 2021, Precision Development had reached over 5.5 million farmers through a range of services providing tailored information on optimizing agronomic practices for multiple crops, pest and disease management, input utilization and environmental stewardship. Precision Development currently works in ten countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and is rapidly expanding as governments and organizations look for innovative ways to utilize new technologies to deliver actionable information to people who need it.

The Solution

Precision Development is a digital platform that empowers smallholder farmers in developing countries by sending them (via their mobile phones) relevant and customized information. This information is made available for free to improve on-farm practices, input utilization, pest and disease management, climate and weather resilience, and access to markets.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Partner with governments, NGOs or other organizations with a large network of farmers
  • Step 2: Work with the partner to determine the needs of the farmers such as identifying specific value chains, challenges contributing to yield gaps, and most effective communication channels
  • Step 3: Co-develop agricultural advisory content that is customized to the needs of the users, while running Focus Group Discussions with farmers to improve user experience
  • Step 4: Code the content into a 2-way advisory service using an in-house software platform, PADDY
  • Step 5: Launch the service and invite farmers by messaging their phones
  • Step 6: Continually optimize the service by running A/B tests of content and features while conducting phone surveys with users to receive feedback and estimate, when possible, user adoption of recommendations
Digital X Solution Precision Development

Bridging the digital divide

PxD makes every effort to ensure access to all smallholder farmers. Its services use platforms including SMS, IVR, push phone calls and hotlines that every mobile phone can access.

Impact and highlights

  • PxD has globally serviced over 6.1M farmers across 10 countries.
  • Provided agronomic advisory to the following number of farmers. India: 2,137,000 Kenya: 1,366,000 Pakistan: 1,459,000 Ethiopia: 517,000 Bangladesh: 25,000 Rwanda: 12,000 Zambia: 79,000 Uganda: 4,000 Nigeria: 107,000 Colombia: 2,000.

Plans for expansion

PxD has active collaborations with various Indian state governments, the Kenyan, Ethiopian, Zambian and Brazilian governments, non-profit partners like One Acre Fund (OAF) in Africa, and social enterprises like mPower in Bangladesh. PxD aims to reach 100 Million users and expand its geographic expanse to Africa (additional states in Nigeria; DRC, West Africa, North Africa, etc.), South Asia (additional states in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; Afghanistan, etc.), Latin America and the Caribbean (Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, etc.) and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, etc.).