IoT Technology for Smart Mosquito Control Management to help control mosquito-borne diseases.

Past and Current Partners

World Food Program, MIT Solve program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Malaria Quest (India Health Fund - TATA Trusts), Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) Scale-Up program, AI for Humanity (Patrick J. McGovern Foundation), AI for Good award (AWS).

Active Countries
Thematic area(s)
SaaS, Whitelabel, AI
Organisation Name
TrakitNow, Inc

The Problem

Mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, etc are posing a great challenge globally to the quality of life and leading to millions of deaths, from 750 Million to 1 Billion disease occurrences annually. These diseases create a strain on the public health system and local economies, with an overall cost of $100 Billion per year. The traditional approach used for the last 100 years is not based on a real-time data-driven analytical approach. A single disease occurrence in a family in developing countries can push them into poverty and disrupt the kids' education. Moskeet will improve the quality of life by reducing the disease burden.

The Solution

Moskeet is an integrated data platform that provides real-time analytics on mosquito surveillance & control, disease transmission, outbreaks, and hot spots using sensors(IoT) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies. Moskeet integrates all the stakeholders which include governments, citizens, pest management & pesticide companies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, NGOs, and research agencies.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Presenting to local government and health agencies and getting approval.
  • Step 2: The entomology team and the health agency's personnel conduct a location survey.
  • Step 3: Identifying locations for mosquito surveillance sensor deployment considering entomological, epidemiological, human population density, and socioeconomic factors.
  • Step 4: Deploying the solution and providing necessary training to the field personnel
  • Step 5: Providing real-time data reports, alerts, intervention recommendations, and other analytics to predict disease outbreaks. This data is used to understand where, when and what kind of interventions need to be done.
  • Step 6: Interventions performed are updated in the system using the web or mobile apps. Data like epi points and breeding sites are crowdsourced from citizens. Step 7: Providing effectiveness of mosquito control program reports, opportunities to improve the program, pesticide resistance, and other data to the various agencies.
Digital X Solution Moskeet

Bridging the digital divide

Governments, organizations, and low-income famiies are scared of the disease threat to their communities and their families. We are engaging the audience by providing real-time and meaningful data. The platform provides recommendations on the control methods, records the interventions, and provides feedback on the interventions. Citizen App enables crowdsourcing of disease and breeding sites data. Awareness messages are also communicated using the citizen app. We are collaborating with mosquito repellant device manufacturers to operate autonomously based on the threat..

Impact and highlights

Helped health agencies in 5 cities to reduce the mosquito population by 30% (India).

Plans for expansion

Planning to expand to South Africa, Nigeria, and the Philippines.