High quality diagnosis & Patient Support digital solution that is defeating breast cancer.

Past and Current Partners

UNDP Growth Stage Impact Ventures (GSIV) for SDGS, Certified B Corp (B Lab), World Economic Forum, Norrsken Foundation, Zayed

Active Countries
Argentina, Mexico
Thematic area(s)
Health, Gender
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The Problem

1 of every 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and of the 700,000 lives it takes every year, 70% occur in developing countries. 80% of the population in developing countries does not have access to preventive diagnoses. Late diagnosis is a consequence of a lack of medical equipment, specialized doctors, awareness, and insufficient legislation that promotes annual screening exams. Digital penetration rates are still low in Latin America and other developing countries. Only 60% of doctors use electronic records and digital software.

The Solution

Mamotest focuses on connecting with health centers throughout Latin America to give access to breast care to millions of unattended women, providing a free patient follow up service to guarantee their access to early treatment.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Awareness campaigns are carried out throughout the year increasing impact by partnering governments, NGOs, doctors, and healthcare institutions
  • Step 2: Patients are driven to Mamotest's connected centers guaranteeing high-quality diagnosis services at affordable prices and a patient-centred experience
  • Step 3: Studies are reported using teleradiology and AI to support radiologists' decisions, increasing efficiency and quality Step 4: Results are delivered within 24h through Bolder with personal and exclusive access
  • Step 5: Health Navigators use Bolder's technology to identify risk patients and include them in the Patient Navigation Programme experience, collecting clinical, psychological, and socioeconomic data and barriers to support and help them navigate inefficient systems
  • Step 6: Partnerships with NGOs, doctors, diagnostic and oncologic centers allow Health Navigators to refer patients through an assessed and secure network that will offer preferred and beneficial pricing
  • Step 7: Data collected is anonymised and used to increase market access while reducing costs to Public Institutions, the pharmaceutical sector, and data based decision-makers
Digital X Solution Mamotest

Bridging the digital divide

Mamotest targets every woman over 40 years of age. In Latin America, 80% of them do not have current access to mammograms, due to a lack for equipment, technicians, breast cancer radiologists and where they do, costs are prohibiting. Most of them do not have formal employment and depend on their partner's income, whose average salaries are around 500 USD, while trustable quality mammogram costs between 70 and 150 USD. The public sector sometimes serves these studies, but they have a 4 to 6 month waiting list. By connecting Mamotest centres in remote areas and collecting patient data we are able to subsidize the cost of mammograms for women, looking at reaching a prize as close to zero as possible and breaking down the biggest two barriers that separate women from early diagnosis: reach and cost. Additionally, A.I on our platform gathers data that helps connect cancer patients to doctors in their area and have full traceability on the health sector, allowing all information to be in hands of the patient and the wide array of professionals who treat them. With better data on women, governments will be able to make accurate budget decisions to treat the population. The cost of treating four women in stage 4 cancer with a 27% success rate can be used to treat 10 women in stage 1 cancer with 98% success rate. With Bolder in-house developed platform, we offer a free of charge personalized concierge attention through our Health Navigators, tracking, collecting and structuring the data of risk patient's evolution and experience at every stage of the journey, guaranteeing all oncologic patients their access to accessible, affordable and personalized treatment on time.

Impact and highlights

  • Mamotest has 15 connected operating centers in Argentina and Mexico.
  • Delivered high-quality digital results to more than 360,000 women, with an average of 60K studies per year since 2019. 72% of these patients are at the bottom of the pyramid, and 87% of women diagnosed with breast cancer within the system were able to receive early treatment to save their lives.
  • Mamotest has generated USD 15M annual savings for the health system.

Plans for expansion

Mamotest operates in Argentina and Mexico, and is planning to expand to Brazil, Colombia and Underserved USA. The average connection time with a Hospital is around two weeks. "We won't stop until we have reached every woman in Latin America" - Guillermo Pepe, CEO & Founder