Frontida Records

Adaptable health applications for under-resourced and crisis-responding clinics.

Past and Current Partners

Blackstone/TechStar Investment Company, Iovine and Young Academy Social Impact Prize Competition, Maseeh Engineering Prize Competition, Westly Prize Competition, New Venture Seed Competition, Google, Oracle/Netsuite, Vanta

Active Countries
Greece, Afghanistan, Panama, Ukraine, Poland
Thematic area(s)
Crisis, Health
Organisation Name
Frontida Records

The Problem

While volunteering at Camp Moria refugee camp, Frontinda Records team discovered that paper patient charts were difficult to use, disorganized, misinterpreted due to language barriers or poor handwriting, and rarely shared among different health groups. They saw firsthand how countless low-resource and crisis-responding facilities struggle with rampant misdiagnosis, fragmented treatment, lack of doctor accountability, and disease outbreaks. They tailored their applications to the specific needs of the clinic, they include navigable forms, language preferences, offline functionality, and data analytics to track disease outbreaks.

The Solution

Frontida provides low-code, low-cost, and highly adaptable health applications for under-resourced and crisis-responding clinics worldwide.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Introduction call to provide an overview of Frontida.
  • Step 2: Live product demonstration to help the client to decide if Frontida is a suitable fit.
  • Step 3: Needs assessment to understand the organization's specific needs and preferences.
  • Step 4: Define and customize Frontida software to fit the organization's needs.
  • Step 5: Beta test and launch the Frontida system with the client's team on the ground.
Digital X Solution Frontida Records

Bridging the digital divide

The solution offers low-cost licensing, offline functionality for clinics in remote areas, pharmacy information, scheduling, and customer support.

Impact and highlights

Documented over 4,500 patient visits in Greece and 1,500 in Afghanistan. Floating Doctors uses our system to serve 30 communities in Panama, helping 10,000+ patients. During the Ukraine refugee crisis, a medical inventory system was developed for the Polish Medical Mission, managing the logistics of delivering 7,000 supplies to Ukrainian hospitals.

Plans for expansion

Frontida aims to enter the Middle East through its partnership with the Children of War Foundation(COWF). It plans to beta-launch an EHR in Amman, Jordan in July and expand to COWF clinics in countries within that region. Current activities and case studies will allow expansion in Central America. It also presently has 11 waitlisted clinics in Eastern Europe and African regions.