Simprints Technology

Improving healthcare and patient data via biometric technology.

Past and Current Partners

WFP's Digital Health Innovation Accelerator Program

Active Countries
Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana
Thematic area(s)
Open Source
Organisation Name
Simprints Technology Ltd.

The Problem

Simprints Technology is tackling the challenge of lack of good quality data to ensure that the most vulnerable receive vaccines and other healthcare essentials to fighting pandemics. Similarly, in other forms of health service delivery, continuity of care continues to pose a problem: the reported rate of tuberculosis patients lost to follow-up during tuberculosis treatment was >12% in 2011, while nearly 25% of women in Option B+ (a lifelong antiretroviral treatment program) are lost to follow up within 12 months of initiating it, making long-term engagement in HIV care a barrier to successful outcomes. By tying health service and vaccine delivery to a biometric digital ID, Simprints Technology ensures continuity of care, eliminate duplicate records, decrease artificial inflation of numbers, and verify service delivery. Similarly, more accurate patient ID can strengthen health system data across multiple touch points.

The Solution

Simprints Technology uses ethical biometrics to identify and enroll patients into healthcare systems in order to verify the delivery of vaccines or services thus ensuring continuity of care, increase in programme efficacy, and better quality patient data.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Working with government and NGO partners on the ground to accurately determine their needs. Then designing the technical workflow of health workers to ensure that Simprints biometrics increases their work efficiency.
  • Step 2: Backend integration support is offered depending on which data collection platform is used.
  • Step 3: In collaboration with behaviour change experts and local leaders, campaigns are created to build awareness about biometric usage and its benefits in health service delivery.
  • Step 4: Once the program starts, health workers use portable fingerprint or face biometric solutions to enroll and accurately identify patients in the program. This ensures continuity of care and enables mothers to access the proper care without an ID card or barcode.
  • Step 5: Program managers can access data to see who is being reached and where based on GPS Timestamp that is collected when a patient is enrolled or identified. This allows partners to adapt and iterate the programme delivery to ensure maximum impact and coverage and report accurately on their program's impact.
Digital X Solution Simprints Technology

Bridging the digital divide

​​The solution is built to work completely offline and on low-end Android devices. Biometrics allow for equitable access as it means that even those without a formal ID can still enroll in government health services. Through a strong focus on community sensitization, Simprints ensures that those who are digitally illiterate can understand what it means to enroll using biometrics, and allows for everyone to opt out and still receive services.

Impact and highlights

The solution has reached 2M+ beneficiaries (cumulative figure).

Plans for expansion

Burkina Faso: Currently in the process of integrating Simprints ID into the Government eCHIS programme, working directly with the MoH, Living Goods, Terre des Hommes and Dimagi's CommCare platform.