Improving mental healthcare for refugees, combat medics, humanitarians, and combatants.

Past and Current Partners

Biomedical Zone, SOSV, H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme, JLABS, OBIO, Vienna Startup Package

Active Countries
More than 170 countries
Thematic area(s)
Crisis, Health
SaaS, Whitelabel, AI
Organisation Name
Mobio Interactive

The Problem

AmDTx aims to solve the problem of current healthcare standards not being able to address the global mental health crisis by leveraging the latest advancements in computer vision, AI and digital psychotherapy, to provide effective and accessible healthcare for patients. Compared to similar companies in the space, MI's competitive advantage is efficacy-driven personalisation at scale. They achieve this via objective quantification of mental wellbeing via 30-second smartphone selfie videos captured before and after the patient engages with therapy.

The Solution

To address the exploding demand for efficacious mental healthcare on a global scale, Mobio Interactive has developed and commercialised an AI-powered digital theragnostic platform that delivers clinically-validated psychotherapy programmes. These programmes are personalised to every patient using digital biomarkers that quantify human brain states without relying on a wearable.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Signing distribution and licensing agreements with payors and healthcare providers to distribute the AmDTx platform to policyholders and patients.
  • Step 2: AmDTx users create an account through their respective providers via a simple landing page and use the same credentials to access AmDTx.
  • Step 3: AmDTx automatically reconfigures to match the user's specific needs. For example, if the user is a refugee of the Ukraine war and receives AmDTx via a humanitarian source, AmDTx will take the user to the therapeutic and resilience content specifically created for Ukrainian refugees.
  • Step 4: After continued use, AmDTx uses the objective measures of mental well-being to learn what forms of therapy are most effective for each user and continues to personalise accordingly.
  • Step 5: When possible, de-identified data from AmDTx (or identified data in the case of hospital EHR integration) is channelled back to the original provider to assist with population health management and clinical decision-making.
Digital X Solution AmDTx

Bridging the digital divide

AmDTx supports the digitally illiterate with a remote psychotherapist and/or coach who is able to support the user in understanding how the platform works. The solution also ensures that the colourblind and visually impaired are still able to use the product effortlessly. AmDTx solves the problem of limited connectivity by enabling a solution that only requires intermittent access to the internet.

Impact and highlights

  • Over 25,000 individuals from 175 nations have engaged with psychotherapy available via AmDTx.
  • 99.6% of the 25,000 individuals showed an overall drop in self-perceived stress following resilience training.
  • 96.7% of the 25,000 individuals showed an overall drop in objective stress.

Plans for expansion

Looking to support displaced persons & refugees. For example, designing specific content for the 12M Ukrainians that have fled their homes. Additionally looking to provide mental training for combatants, specifically mental training for resolve, moral and PTSD prevention. Finally, we aim to work with combat medics, humanitarians, logistics, resilience training, emotional strength training, and PTSD prevention.