AIME Console

Big data and analytics of global diseases using predictive platforms to steer the future of public health.

Past and Current Partners

WHO, WTO, Microsoft, Plan International, Harvard, Prudential

Active Countries
Brazil, Malaysia
Thematic area(s)
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The Problem

Governments are usually underfunded and understaffed, with talented personnel having to execute multiple roles such as data cleaning and analysis (many of which have not received formal training in this aspect). We help these public health government officials by making it easier to use big data and analytics.

The Solution

Developed and implemented the "Bloomberg Terminal" for public health: a data-driven digital platform that enables public health officials to make better decisions. The AIME Console can predict disease outbreaks 30 days in advance, with an 80%+ accuracy rate, making it the first world-renowned technological breakthrough in epidemiology and data science.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Working with governments to assess their public health data analysis capabilities.
  • Step 2: Providing one or multiple platforms to improve and digitise data.
  • Step 3: Training public health officials at every level on how the platform can maximize planning efforts, improve operations, and reduce disease burden.
  • Step 4: After the platform has been implemented additional services such as support or mobile app solutions are offered.
Digital X Solution AIME Console

Bridging the digital divide

By helping public health government officials increase the usage of information technology, we help contribute toward a country's digital transformation. The solution changes the way the public sector works by allowing evidence-based decision and policy making and policies and impact society through our different technologies.

Impact and highlights

  • AIME Console became the de facto technology used during the COVID-19 pandemic in Selangor (Malaysia).
  • The platform helped officials reduce uncertainty in decisions by providing concrete data and allowing rapid implementation of solutions (directly impacting the 5.7 million inhabitants of the state).
  • Helped tackle Zika and Chikungunya outbreaks during the Rio Olympics (Brazil).

Plans for expansion

Looking to expand in Southeast Asian countries and to Latin America.