Separating Truth from Fiction for Breaking News

Past and Current Partners

United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC); Crisis Bureau; Oslo Governance Centre

Active Countries
Zambia, Honduras and Kenya.
Thematic area(s)
Open Source Digital Public Good; Meedan, Crowdtangle.
Organisation Name
UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance and Chief Digital Office

The Problem

The iVerify system has the objective of combatting disinformation, misinformation and hate speech in countries where this pehnomena often times goes unopposed. The iVerify system builds upon existing and new initiatives to enhance the capacity of national actors to identify, analyse, fact-check and respond to hamrful content that may be circulating either online for offline.

The Solution

The iVerify system is a cost-efficient and user-friendly system that allows for national partners and partnering organizations to create fact-checking desks to provide citizens with fact-checked information to counter the spread of dis/misinformation. Furthermore, the iVerify system empowers citizens to become an active player in the identification of harmful content, through the activation and implementation of tiplines that allow for their participation in the system.

How it works?

  • Step 1. Citizens/members of the iVerify system/automatic social media scraping tool identified harmful content.
  • Step 2. Content is received and analyzed in Check (Meedan), where only iVerify members have access.
  • Step 3. The content is fact-checked through a 3-step verification process.
  • Step 4. Fact-checked report is published on the iVerify website.
  • Step 5. Fact-checked report is published on social media.
  • Step 6. iVerify system liaises with response actors, as required, to icoordinate follow-up actions.
Digital X Solution iVerify

Bridging the digital divide

The iVerify system is intended to resonate with audiences, extending the message beyong the digital world and internet. For future implementations, iVerify intends to establish clear partnerships with radios to ensure fact-checked content reaches those that are unreached due to the digital divide.

Impact and highlights

Statistics provided by the system, and other statistics such as case disposal rates and length of litigation provides by the system on monthly and annual bases, are periodically submitted to decision makers which help build strategic plans aimed at alleviating judicial backlog and bottlenecks and assigning judges to the courts based on real-time workload.

Plans for expansion

Refining the iVerify system key functionalities; enhancing design of system; Expanding automatic montitoring to Twitter and Youtube; Improve system reach through colaboration with regional and loval radios.