Zlto NPC

Using blockchain to increase engagement and volunteering amongst youth,

Past and Current Partners

UNICEF, Innovation Incubator and Accelerator Program (RLabs).

Active Countries
South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, UK, Kenya
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth
Open Source, SaaS.
Organisation Name
Zlto NPC

The Problem

Zlto NPC target problem is tackling the unemployment rate especially in South Africa which keeps climbing higher and higher. Now it's currently sitting at 35.3% for the general population and amongst youth it's over 65%. This makes this particular challenge they are solving very relevant to UNDP as it address two of the SDGs namely 1.No Poverty and 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth. There are three key barriers that prevents people from getting job namely lack skills, lack of experience and the cost of finding employment.

The Solution

Zlto NPC helps ensure that youth get access to education which results in skills, encouraging the culture of volunteering to build up work experience, and subsidising the cost of finding employment to reduce barriers. The platform uses blockchain technology to increase engagement amongst youths, has live dashboards, and innovative rewards systems.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Partnering with SMME's, NGOs, and governments to incentivize and track positive behaviour amongst young people in order for them to gain skills and work experience.
  • Step 2: Unemployed youths register on the Zlto platform. Step 3: Upon registration, they can upload content, can participate in surveys, or complete over 300 nano courses on the platform.
  • Step 4: The deeds are verified by either program administrators or a group of super users through a peer review process using smart contracts on the blockchain. When good deeds have been verified they will be allocated points in a form of digital currency called Zlto.
  • Step 5: The users can then redeem points accumulated in their wallet to purchase items on the Zlto marketplace from SMMEs and National Vendors who are on the platform. Step 6: The impacts and transactions that have been verified are automatically stored and available via the Zlto admin dashboards.
Digital X Solution Zlto NPC

Bridging the digital divide

The platform is made to be as data-free as possible in order to provide equal access. The platform can also be accessed via a web-based app for those without mobile devices.

Impact and highlights

In South Africa, over 100,000 users have completed 877,595 hours of verified work ( 3M+ beneficiaries and 1.8M+ transactions recorded so far).Over 1.5M Youth Engagements in Yoma-related Activities and Challenge Opportunities Over 250K youths registered in Yoma-related Offerings.Over 100K youth engagements in personalized learning opportunities.

Plans for expansion

The immediate aim is to continue strengthening existing relationships in the active countries. It then plans to expand to more countries in Africa through the use of APIs with UNICEF which is a strategic partner for the YOMA platform.