Viamo 3-2-1 Platform

Sending vital information using voice technology and SMS to hard-to-reach communities via mobile.

Past and Current Partners

UNICEF, WFP, World Bank, VestedWorld, the Global Innovation Fund, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Active Countries
19 countries
Thematic area(s)
Open Source, Whitelabel
Organisation Name
Viamo, Inc.

The Problem

Globally, nearly 4 billion people are digitally disconnected, about half of the world's population. Entire communities are underrepresented and without critical timely information.

The Solution

Viamo 3-2-1 platform provides the connection to spark life-changing information exchanges, offering services for international development and business sectors. It represents a paradigm shift in development. No longer do people have to wait passively for the information they need.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Consultation with partners to deepen the understanding of the program needs (social behaviour change, information campaign, etc.).
  • Step 2: Co-creation of content, key messages, and scripts following a state-of-the-art human-centred design methodology, drawing on knowledge and data already available, workshops, focus group discussions, field testing, and validation by the relevant stakeholders.
  • Step 3: Approved scripts are recorded as audio messages in the desired language and uploaded to an automated info line accessible via shortcode from all mobile devices.
  • Step 4: Repeated users are regularly calling the infoline, and new callers are prompted to do so through SMS, Out Bound Dialing (audio message), as well as radio broadcasting or field dissemination through project stakeholders. Calls are free to the end-user and can be initiated by either the organization or the end-users themselves.
  • Step 5: Key messages are accessed through a series of listen-and-choose steps, where the user navigates through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) decision trees. Callers navigate menus, play games, take quizzes, schedule call-backs, provide feedback, receive airtime payment, etc.
  • Step 6: Real-time data and indicators are automatically reported to a dashboard available to partners for monitoring, analysis, and evaluation purposes.
Digital X Solution Viamo 3-2-1 Platform

Bridging the digital divide

Viamo excels at providing solutions in areas where tech infrastructure is poor, populations are divided by language, and where literacy levels are low. The Viamo 3-2-1 platform is accessible to anyone who has access to a mobile device. It leverages SMS and voice technologies to create impact.

Impact and highlights

  • Reached 35M+ users with over 3 million Monthly Active Users (2021), of which 81% are repeat users who spent 100M+ minutes each month listening to key messages.
  • On average, users listen to over 10 key messages per month in 66 different languages.

Plans for expansion

They intend to grow to 40 countries in the next 5 years, with Kenya, Senegal, and Pakistan launching in 2022. They can quickly deploy solutions through existing Global Long Term Agreements that UNDP can use.