Verifying sustainability and labour claims for supply chain activities.

Past and Current Partners

Mercy Corps Ventures, Republic Asia, Mercury, Social Impact Capital

Active Countries
Ghana, Ethipoia
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth, Climate
Open Source, White Label
Organisation Name

The Problem

The primary problem that Topl Traceability addresses is a lack of verifiable proof of supply chain practices, particularly those involving agricultural commodities or the extraction of raw materials. They are providing a solution to companies who want to leverage blockchain to prove they're adhering to their ESG practices, but Topl is also serving the millions of laborers and communities around the world who are adversely affected by the business-as-usual scenario.

The Solution

Topl provides a solution to companies who want to leverage blockchain to prove that they’re adhering to their ESG practices. As such, they serve millions of labourers and communities around the world who are adversely affected by the business-as-usual scenario.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Topl recruits impact-focused companies and brands that are already prioritizing transparency and who want to take their traceability practices to the next level
  • Step 2: These companies invite their own team members and their value chain partners to join the Topl Traceability platform so that all actors have ownership and participation in the process of documenting a product from source to sale
  • Step 3: The Topl product team diligently (and often creatively!) ensures value chain buy-in and successful onboarding to the platform by using tutorials and other educational materials that prove the value proposition to the relevant parties
  • Step 4: Value chain actors write data to the Topl Blockchain in a user-first, mobile-accessible web application (or via SMS in 2023), where product description, quantity, growing/manufacturing/mining practice data, pricing, batch IDs, UN SDG objectives, product and personnel photos, videos, and other supplemental documentation are collected as transaction evidence
  • Step 4: Topl Traceability users generate with one click an aesthetically pleasing product journey to share with their customers and other stakeholders (accessed via QR code, RFID chip, etc)
  • Step 5: B2C or B2B customers access the product journey and can decide for themselves if they find sufficient proof to validate the impact claims customers are making
Digital X Solution Topl

Bridging the digital divide

Via its purpose-built and decentralized technology, Topl is able to ensure both ease of use and lightweight access. It provides fintech solutions across a range of emerging markets to incorporate user patterns for those with limited literacy and numeracy.

Impact and highlights

  • Topl has helped 556 farmers in Ghana to earn over $33,000 (in local currency) since April 2022 via real-time blockchain payment verification.
  • They have helped an impact-centric company in Ghana, prove a reduction of 45,000+ kg of food waste, via upcycling and usage of solar energy.

Plans for expansion

Topl launched a Reference Customer Program in order to gain key insights to create a traceability product that drives value for impact-focused companies and their stakeholders. 13 Reference Customers have headquarters across 10 countries (USA, UK, Guatemala, Colombia, Liberia, Thailand, Kenya, Fiji, Germany, Uganda), and have operations (from sourcing to sale) in more than 30 countries, the majority of which are sourcing in emerging economies in LATAM and Sub-Saharan Africa.