The Global Tip

Giving consumers a chance to tip the garment workers behind their products at check-out.

Past and Current Partners

TransferWise, Stellar Foundation, DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation, German Finance Ministry).

Active Countries
3 countries
Thematic area(s)
Gender, Inclusive Growth
Organisation Name
Tip Me Global GmbH

The Problem

Tip me aims to contribute to solving the overwhelming injustice in the global supply chain Specifically in the fashion industry, on average just 3% of the final price paid by the customer ends up in the workers pocket.

The Solution

The Global Tip is a pioneering solution that works to reduce global inequality in garment supply chains, connecting consumers directly with the people behind their products and generating complementary income for garment workers worldwide. Tip me's target groups are threefold and encompass three key elements of the supply chain: companies, by advocating for more transparent and ethical garment production; consumers by encouraging tipping the way we tip baristas and other service providers; and workers by providing them with a fair wage for their work.

How it works?

  • Step 1: A user browses a product on their favourite e-commerce website. For every product they click on, they can see who is the garment worker who produced their product.
  • Step 2: The consumer is prompted by a widget to select a tip value of their choice. After the consumer has selected the tip amount they proceed to the check-out. The tip amount is automatically added to the final cart.
  • Step 3: The proprietary tip managing tool calculates the tip amount due to each worker and sets the payment with payment partners. Step4: Subscribed consumers receive news about how their tips impacted the life of the workers who produced their products and get extra information about how to further their impact.
Digital X Solution The Global Tip

Bridging the digital divide

The Global Tip improves the connection between garment workers and their consumers often based thousands of kilometres apart. In doing so, the solution automatically provides workers access to mobile solutions, in particular digital payments.

Impact and highlights

  • 470 garment workers have earned, on average, an additional month's salary.
  • More than 38,000 euros given in tips.

Plans for expansion

Tip Me plans to increase its number of affiliated brands from 10 to 85 by 2023. The solution plans to be available and adopted in 7 of the major garment producing countries. The tip system is scalable to over 80 countries thanks to partnerships with TransferWise (payment partner) and Stellar Foundation (on chain solutions for international payments).