Technovation Girls

Tech entrepreneurship and leadership skills and competition for girls.

Past and Current Partners

UNESCO's Global Education Coalition, UNESCO's Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet), Shopify, HSBC, The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, STEM Next as a part of their Million Girls Moonshot, TE Connectivity, FactSet, and Intuitive Intel.

Active Countries
120 countries
Thematic area(s)
Gender, Inclusive Growth
Open Source
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The Problem

Despite over a decade of focus, women are still underrepresented in STEM fields (and positions of power and leadership). This gender gap persists at all income levels, and in fact increases as income levels rise. Only 27% of US STEM workers are women, and only 26% of data and AI workers in the top 20 economies are women. That figure drops to 15% for women engineers in the top 20 economies. And only 4% of CEOS of Fortune 500 companies are women. At a time when the world is facing dire environmental, social, health, and political situations, we're excluding half of the world's talent and ingenuity. We need more women and girls in positions of leadership—in STEM fields and beyond. We have to go beyond basic literacy and basic coding skills. We need to prepare today's girls to solve problems we can only begin to imagine. Investing in education and leadership opportunities for women is the path toward meeting humanity's biggest challenges, and we need to invest in support that extends beyond high school.

The Solution

Technovation girls is a global tech education nonprofit that empowers girls to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers. Technovation's digital program platform delivers the world's largest technology entrepreneurship competition for girls ages 8-18 and develops their skills to compete in and contribute to the digital economy and emerging technologies, as well as become leaders in their communities.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Recruitment. Technovation engages with local partners, including community leaders and NGOs, around the world to help implement their program on the ground. These partners conduct community outreach and recruit participants from local schools and organizations serving disadvantaged or underrepresented youth.
  • Step 2: Registration. Participants register on Technovation's platform where they can connect with teammates and mentors and access the curriculum.
  • Step 3: Curriculum and Competition. The Technovation Girls competition is a global competition for girls to create technology-based solutions to solve real-world problems. Girls form teams of up to five girls to participate in the beginner (8-12), junior (13-15), or senior (16-18) divisions. Over a period of 12 weeks, girls use Technovation's online curriculum—which includes age-appropriate learning modules on coding, artificial intelligence, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship—to identify a community problem and develop a technology-based solution
  • Step 4: Project Submission. At the end of the competition, teams must upload a pitch and demo video of their app or AI project/prototype along with a written business plan or user adoption plan and an overview of their learning journey onto the digital platform.
  • Step 5: Judging and Community Pitch Events. Teams go through a series of competition rounds leading up to the finals, where 15 teams (5 from each division) are chosen.
  • Step 6: Winners Announced at World Summit Celebration. Technovation hosts a World Summit celebration event in August. Each member of the 15 finalist teams receives an educational stipend. One team from each division will be chosen as the grand prize winner. There are also additional prizes celebrating outstanding apps or AI projects.
  • Step 7: Alumnae Engagement. Students who participate in Technovation Girls have access to a number of opportunities to continue their learning journey after finishing the program.
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Bridging the digital divide

In contrast to online-only coding education, Technovation's model combines online and offline support.Technovation has a global network of over 125 local partners, called Chapter Ambassadors. Chapter Ambassadors work to support teams without regular internet connectivity at home by helping girls access the internet through available community resources such as local schools, libraries, or community centers. Technovation provides stipends to chapters to support efforts to bridge the digital divide such as covering costs of internet access, printing, transportation, IT equipment, software subscriptions, etc.

Impact and highlights

Over 100,000 girls from over 120 countries have participated in Technovation Girls. 76% of alumnae pursue a STEM degree. 60% work in STEM-related jobs.

Plans for expansion

"Technovation has developed a strategic plan to increase annual participants to 100,000 by 2024, to over 1M annually by 2030, and eventually engage 25M+ young women over the next 15 years. Currently, they are working with UNICEF to expand their program in Bhutan and Bangladesh. Furthermore, they are discussing with UNICEF about scaling their program in partnership with several country offices, and are in talks with Generation Unlimited in Bangladesh about a curriculum partnership this summer as they launch Imagine Ventures in 3 districts of the country. One main focus is scaling efforts to increase the number of participants in the following 16 countries: India, the US, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Colombia, Kenya, Spain, Canada, and Chile. "