Sube Latinoamerica

Levaraging eCommerce and payment technology for MSMB enterprises.

Past and Current Partners

UNDP Honduras, TMS/USAID, Tech4Dev by the Interamerican Development Bank (Honduras), BID Lab

Active Countries
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth
SaaS, White Label
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Sube Latinoamerica

The Problem

The target problem Sube Latinoamerica aims to solve is to reduce the lack of accessibility of MSME owners in LATAM to the benefits of eCommerce. This hinders MSME's reach, growth potential and ultimately, LATAM's prosperity. Although there are plenty of tools, programs and courses available to them, high levels of mistrust, lack of confidence and lack of technical skills/vision fills them with what we call digital anxiety . They don't prioritize tech adoption because they have little clarity on how tech adoption will benefit their bottom line. Because of this, MSME owners typically drop out of digital transformation processes and the adoption of tech innovation is botched, incomplete or not adopted at all.

The Solution

eCommerce and payment technology with offline incubation and acceleration programs that include mentoring to guide and kickstart technology adoption among owners of micro, small and medium enterprises based in Latin America.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Sube works with international agencies like USAID and UNDP in Honduras to agree on digital transformation goals for vulnerable populations (women, returned migrants, etc.)
  • Step 2: Campaigns and open application processes are launched every month for the incubation programa ""eCommerce for All"". A profile is created for each applicant and a mentor is assigned for follow up.
  • Step 3: Mentors guide participants through the incubation process, which includes a 3-6-hour online course, live webinars constant communication via WhatsApp and phone calls when necessary. All participants are required to build a transactional website using Sube's website builder. Participants who complete the program get a free forever€ transactional plan that allows them to start selling online without investing money.
  • Step 4: Participants that successfully complete the program are invited to follow-up live webinars to get feedback on the websites they built and can also participate in monthly community panels.
  • Step 5: Participants that outgrow the free forever plan can decide to get a Premium plan, with a discount, that allows them to upload more products, process more transactions and get access to Premium content and events.
Digital X Solution Sube Latinoamerica

Bridging the digital divide

Sube not only builds online solutions but also offers offline materials to support MSME owners in technology adoption.

Impact and highlights

3,000+ entrepreneurs and MSME owners have been accredited and provided with eCommerce tools via their CET program in 3 years. Incubated MSMEs collectively reached US$1.5M in sales using eComm tools, with approximately US$135k monthly sales attributable to Sube€ tools and training.

Plans for expansion

Expansion plans include offering services in Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.