Smart Solar Media System

Providing portable, off-grid internet and tech setups for digital classrooms and humanitarian assistance

Past and Current Partners

UNDP Colombia, UNICEF, Plan International, World Vision, Fingo, MEM Edtech (Zambia), Ernest & Young, Fin-Somalia Association, Solidaridad Zambia, Red Cross, Zenega Four, Solidaridad Zimbabwe

Active Countries
Zambia, Mozambique, Congo, Kenya, Somalia, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda
Thematic area(s)
Gender, Crisis, Other
Proprietary hardware/software.
Organisation Name
Tespack Ltd

The Problem

Remote areas are deprived of electricity and find themselves marginalised. They are difficult to reach, making the work of teachers even more difficult as digital and energy solutions can be very costly or difficult to transport. Another major issue is the number of abductions and threats taking place in remote locations. Many educators and emergency workers are facing safety concerns and are in dire need of security measures and solutions that can help them.

The Solution

Tespack has focused on developing a Smart Solar Media System that can power the equipment needed to turn any space into a classroom at a very affordable cost while being highly portable.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Working with governments and agencies who require mobile energy solutions to power special equipment.
  • Step 2: Providing hardware and software solutions to partners in off-grid regions to provide access to digital education.
  • Step 3: Programmes are improved by the data and statistics gathered from each mobile station.
Digital X Solution Smart Solar Media System

Bridging the digital divide

Tespack has developed a patented Smart Power Management System to solve some of the key challenges around accessing digital education in remote locations due to lack of energy by turning any room or space into a smart digital classroom. The system maximizes portable energy generation, storage, and supply in off-grid regions by using a patented modular battery system that makes it possible to charge a wider range of devices. The battery management system has unprecedented portability, practicality, and efficiency while providing overall cost reductions for users.

Impact and highlights

  • Supported Plan International in reaching close to 7,000 locals in rural communities (mainly women and children) by providing access to different educational content thanks to the SSM system.
  • In the past year, close to 3,000 farmers in rural regions of Zambia have benefited from better access to training and workshops, thus improving their farming practices.

Plans for expansion

15 ongoing pilot projects in different countries in Africa. Will begin collaboration with UNDP Colombia for the implementation of the Local and Rural Justice Models.