Offline first, fully integrated immunization, patient, and vaccine management system.

Past and Current Partners

UNICEF (has LTA), PATH Digital Square, DPG Alliance, B Corp (status pending)

Active Countries
National-scale digital health systems deployments over 3 continents including Tanzania and SE Asia
Thematic area(s)
Open Source, Digital Public Good
Organisation Name
SanteSuite Inc.

The Problem

The problem SanteIMS are solving is dramatically improving immunization equity, access, coverage and safety through implementation of an end-to end immunization management system that seamlessly supports person/patient to supply chain workflow. SanteIMS automatically generates as a by-product of care, the discrete and aggregate data needed by all stakeholders to efficiently and effectively implement and manage immunization programs and resources while reducing frontline health worker workload. First generation EIR and stop-gap tools adopted in response to the pandemic crisis response, were designed and built to serve as indicator and aggregate data trackers and collection tools. These tools only partially meet functional requirements of a robust, holistic, person-centered fully integrated, immunization management system and for the most part do not support routine immunization programs.

The Solution

SanteIMS is a person/patient-to-supply chain, offline-first, cross-platform, fully integrated immunization and vaccine management system. SanteSuite solutions include immunization management, patient identity solutions, clinical data repositories, electronic medical records, and health record security.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Working with governments to assess the current policy, legal, and technical landscape and the capacity to develop a roadmap for implementing unique health ID-based registration, immunization support and interoperability needs.
  • Step 2: Adapting and implementing SanteIMS and SanteMPI in collaboration with in-country teams and integrating with other tools such as DHIS2, an LMIS, and CRVS.
  • Step 3: Training and soft launch pilots to fine-tune the implementation roadmap.
  • Step 4: Implementing a step-by-step rollout of the platform.
  • Step 5: Transitioning to an ongoing support model that leverages the local in-country team.
Digital X Solution SanteIMS

Bridging the digital divide

SanteIMS immunization management system in conjunction with SanteMPI client registry is offline first by design and is full functionality when there is no connectivity. Through its unique ID management and OpenHIE readiness, it addresses the "zero dose" challenge and helps ensure equity of access to care. The solution enables health systems to deliver care where it's needed, even in the most remote settings.

Impact and highlights

10 million patients supported over 3 continents

Plans for expansion

Recently signed a contract with UNICEF for the initial phase of work to implement SanteIMS and sister product SanteMPI in Kiribati and Solomon Islands.