Mapping farmland boundaries and analysing soil information.

Past and Current Partners

UNOPS Global Innovation Challenge, 500 KOBE Accelerator, VC connect, Techstars, Connect the VC, Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific

Active Countries
Japan, India, Thailand
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth, Climate
SaaS, AI
Organisation Name
Sagri Co., Ltd.

The Problem

Farmers rarely have the time and financial capacity to assess their soil quality causing them to use more fertilizer than necessary. This greatly affects climate change and leads to increasingly dangerous practices.

The Solution

Sagri creates farmland boundaries automatically and analyses soil information by using satellite and AI. Sagri's app gives advice to help farmers reduce fertilizer, farm more efficiently, and save costs.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Government shares the latitude and the longitude of farmland with Sagri
  • Step 2: Sagri gains local data of farmland and make use of such data for AI study
  • Step 3: Sagri estimates the situation of farmland and analyzes soil(nitrogen and carbon) by utilizing satellite and AI
  • Step 4: Sagri provided each soil situation of the farmland with farmers via apps Step5: Farmers optimizes the amount of fertilizers by following advice via apps
Digital X Solution Sagri

Bridging the digital divide

Farmers who are illiterate are able to further undestand their situations as the app provides information about farmland by color. Additionally, the apps are user friendly and farmers need just to follow the images of the guidance to use the apps.

Impact and highlights

By providing farmers with the results of soil analysis in Japan, farmers could reduce their fertilizer use and cut costs by 20%

Plans for expansion

Planning to launch in Australia, Kenya, South Africa and Brazil within 5 years. Sagri has discussed business plans and introduced soil analysis by satellite and AI with the embassy of Japan in Australia, Victorian Government Trade and Investment Office,, Africa Rice Center, the Embassy of Japan in Kenya, JETRO Nairobi Office, JETRO Sao Paulo Office and JIRCAS.