IoT remote performance monitoring and Pay Go credit management for solar installations and businesses.

Past and Current Partners

Open Capital Advisors (Shell foundation, GAIA Impact Fund (Power Africa), Efficiency for Access (Get.invest), The Unreasonable Institute Accelerator

Active Countries
Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, DRC, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Somalia
Thematic area(s)
Proprietary hardware/software.
Organisation Name
Innovex (U) Ltd

The Problem

A lack of access to grid electricity for 85% of the population (Uganda). While off-grid solar has grown by over 500% in the past five years (GOGLA, 2018), much of this growth is not sustainable as a result of a persisting challenge in the solar industry due to the high costs of operations and maintenance, leading to non-performing systems. This is relevant to UNDP because many organisations struggle to validate solar installations and a number of them installed under donor programs fail due to rudimentary performance tracking leading to proper maintenance.

The Solution

We are strengthening the operations of solar businesses with IoT based digital tools to lower operation and maintenance costs. Our cloud-based platform we call REMOT, offers remote performance monitoring and credit management features. REMOT is a Pay Go platform designed to increase the health of the solar systems as a result of better maintenance, save solar companies on warranty disputes, and easily collected mobile payments for installations done on credit.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Partnering with solar distributors to transform ordinary solar systems and equipment into smart infrastructure.
  • Step 2: Depending on income level, a solar end-user has flexible options upon purchasing: Outright, Lease to Own, or Pay per use. All are available through mobile money payment providers.
  • Step 3: The solar distributor installs the solar system along with REMOT's smart meter that enables remote performance monitoring and Pay-Go tracking. If available, the end-user can also access financing for the system.
  • Step 4: The end-user receives timely and properly planned system maintenance and is also to make payments on time from the comfort of their homes.
Digital X Solution REMOT

Bridging the digital divide

Remote monitoring of solar-powered systems allows individuals in low-income and resource-lacking areas to consistently benefit from infrastructures powered by solar energy.

Impact and highlights

  • Used by more than 30 solar companies in eight countries (Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, DRC, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Somalia).
  • 700 schools, 310 health centres, 210 businesses, 390 households, and 90 solar water pumps for farmers have used REMOT.

Plans for expansion

Currently have pilot programmes running in DRC, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Somalia and India all aimed towards expanding sales.