Global early wildfire detection and real-time monitoring from space.

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The Problem

Timely wildfire detection. Wildfires have a deep impact on the world's economy, environment, climate, and human lives. Wildfires cause tens of billions of dollars in damage worldwide every year, and last year hundreds of people lost their lives. Just one percent of wildfires globally account for the same amount of CO2 as all traffic in Germany combined. In total, wildfires lead up to 15% of worldwide CO2 emissions. Due to rising global temperatures, wildfires have become frequent, catastrophic, expensive, and difficult to contain. Preventing wildfires is nearly impossible since the causes are unpredictable. To minimize damage, upfront risk assessment, early detection, and accurate monitoring are required. Wildfires are often spotted far too late. Local detection and monitoring technologies like watchtowers and drones can't cover large forest areas and are not viable.

The Solution

OroraTech has developed the first all-in-one global wildfire detection, risk assessment, alert, real-time monitoring service, and damage analysis. The innovation combines technological advances in multiple areas: AI, New Space, Cloud-based Big Data analytics, and IoT, to provide a unique dataset and platform tailored to customers' needs to best fight the spread of wildfires on a global scale.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Working with Fire Services to improve their wildfire management.
  • Step 2: User accounts for the organization are set up to access the solution.
  • Step 3: Shapefiles of their area of interest are integrated into the platform.
  • Step 4: Notifications are sent automatically via email, SMS, etc. as soon as a hotspot/activity is detected.
  • Step 5: Risk assessment and real-time monitoring of fire events and evaluation of actions based on propagation (e.g., usage of weather, temperature, wind data, 3D models, etc.).
  • Step 6: Damage Analysis (e.g., burn scar mapping)
Digital X Solution OroraTech

Bridging the digital divide

With a clear focus on an easy-to-use, intuitive, self-explaining user interface, the solution is able to successfully provide very technical solution to users with a variety of backgrounds when it comes to digital experience.

Impact and highlights

The core of OroraTech's innovation lies in helping to bring down average wildfire detection time from several hours today to around 30 minutes.

Plans for expansion

With a strong focus on USA, Ororatech continues to expand existing collaborations with numerous universities, research institutes, and corporate partners focused on making an impact.