Crowdsourced and open access telerehab software.

Past and Current Partners

USAID, Fondation Botnar

Active Countries
Cambodia, Vietnam
Thematic area(s)
Open Source, SaaS, Whitelabel
Organisation Name
Federation Handicap International

The Problem

Rehabilitation services remain limited relative to the needs, which are particularly profound in low- and middle-income countries. Access to rehabilitation is limited and, if available, the most marginalized populations cannot afford it. The magnitude of unmet rehabilitation needs demands solutions that increase access to quality, cost-effective rehabilitation services.

The Solution

Open Source multidisciplinary TeleRehabilitation Software connecting rehabilitation professionals with patients to improve access to rehabilitation services and contribute to universal health coverage by facilitating discharge, transition of care and follow-up

How it works?

  • Step 1: Patient clinical evaluation by a rehabilitation professional
  • Step 2: Rehabilitation professional and patient determine a treatment plan and objectives
  • Step 3: The patient accesses the treatment plan remotely via the patient mobile app
  • Step 4: The patient completes treatment plan activities remotely
  • Step 5: The rehabilitation professional follows up with the patient remotely
  • Step 6: The patient is discharged
Digital X Solution OpenTeleRehab

Bridging the digital divide

The patient mobile app has been designed to be as intuitive as possible and also includes an additional child-friendly interface. The Software follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (level A/AA) and is accessible offline.

Impact and highlights

Supported 200+ rehabilitation professionals and patients via telerehabilitation.

Plans for expansion

The software will be deployed to new countries as of fall 2022, with an identified global budget. Countries selection is ongoing.