Digital education courses, diplomas, and career development for the skills of tomorrow.

Past and Current Partners

GIZ, Thales Foundation, Polaris Association OC, Unreasonable Group

Active Countries
More than 70 countries
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth
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The Problem

Students across the globe are faced with an alarming lack of access to education. Empoverished and low-connectivity areas greatly limit the possibility for individuals to educate themselves or have access to resources to improve skills. This also leads to a lack of employment in many regions as most individuals do not have the resources or means to find meaningful and gainful employment.

The Solution

OpenClassrooms prioritises fostering accessible education for everyone - at all levels, from funding options to progressive pedagogy and personalized mentorship. 100% online education is a way to abolish the barrier to education. They provide free online courses to every student to ensure their mission: to make education accessible. OpenClassrooms also focuses on employability. They develop training programs with one focus in mind: allowing people to progress in their careers - at all levels, from focus to most in-demand competencies to personalised career coaching for each and every student.

How it works?

  • Step 1: The user creates his/her account on the OpenClassrooms website for free.
  • Step 2: The user starts to follow online courses. A course makes use of video resources, online reading, and sometimes quizzes and exercises to help students reach learning goals. Each course is divided by chapter. At the end of each chapter, the user needs to answer a quiz to complete the chapter. A quiz is a series of multiple choice questions that evaluate a student's comprehension of a course.
  • Step 3: A chapter is validated if 70% of the answers are correct. If not, the quiz can be passed again 24 hours after the last attempt.Step 4: At the end of the course, the user passes a final quiz and may get anOpenClassrooms certificate. The certificate is a document issued by OpenClassroomsthat serves as written evidence that a student has completed a certified course.
Digital X Solution OpenClassrooms

Bridging the digital divide

OC creates partnerships with local associations and/or public actors to hybridise its educational model. They combine online and offline solutions to create an innovative educational experience and increase connectivity.

Impact and highlights

  • Opened free licences to more than 32,000 jobseekers (in partnership with 8 national employment agencies).
  • Africa: more than 60 academic institutions in Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Benin, Mali, Cameroon, Congo, Niger, and Guinea have used OC's online courses.
  • Provided reskilling & upskilling training paths to 9,241 unemployed and under-employed people in France (2021).

Plans for expansion

Currently seeking to increase activity in Western Africa. Also underway is a program in Senegal to train 20 young Senegalese for digital jobs. In partnership with the Thales Foundation and the Polaris Association OC launched a program to train 50 young women in Senegal. In 2023, this program will be extended to the Ivory Coast and South Africa. In 2022-23, OC, in partnership with the GIZ, will train 45 young women in Senegal, Benin and Ivory Coast.