Mobile delivered crop insurance for farmers.

Past and Current Partners

Techstars Fintech accelerator (Tel Aviv), Fit4Start (Luxembourg), Google for Startups SDGs, 100+ Accelerator, Microsoft AI for Good, Katapult Africa.

Active Countries
Mali, Uganda
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth
Organisation Name

The Problem

OKO tackles the problem of smallholder unbanked farmers with crop insurance that is universally accessible (no need for a bank account, an internet connection or a smartphone), affordable and automated. This helps UNDP address the following challenges: Under "inclusive growth": Their solution is a digital tool that enhance access to finance (insurance and credit) to a population that was previously excluded from these services. Under crisis response: OKO is a digital tool that supports the reactivation of agricultural activities following a damaging weather event. OKO helps building more resilient livelihoods, with insured farmers being able to overcome a bad season without having to move to the city or sell their assets.

The Solution

OKO secures farmers' income in emerging countries using automated insurance solutions. OKO is accessible to anyone with a phone and claim payments are automated using satellite data and images.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Farmers discover OKO via a community radio ad, an SMS, a call from our call centre, or by a visit from an OKO Agent in their village
  • Step 2: Farmers share their location, crop and field size to automatically obtain a personalized quote for insurance.
  • Step 3: Farmers pay via mobile money (or ask a relative to pay for them). Payment can be done in multiple instalments. Farmers can also request a micro-loan with exclusive benefits from a partnering MFI.
  • Step 4: OKO monitors the weather conditions in the location of the farm during the season and provides SMS updates to farmers about their eligibility to claim payment.
  • Step 5: At the end of the season, eligible farmers receive their indemnity directly on their mobile money accounts.
Digital X Solution OKO

Bridging the digital divide

Oko has developed distribution tools to make its insurance product accessible to all. Its USSD menu makes crop insurance available to anyone who has a phone (no smartphone, data, or even credit is required). OKO's call center is trained in local languages for each market and customers can request a call-back at any time. There are no forms to sign and all information is available via WhatsApp voice notes or via its voice server, meaning that illiterate customers can still understand the benefits of insurance and register.

Impact and highlights

  • Provided insurance to more than 15,400 farmers in Mali and 300+ farmers in Uganda.
  • Paid claims to 2,956 farmers in Mali (allowing them to recover after a bad season).
  • Helped 36 Malian farmers obtain financing for the 2020 - 2021 season.

Plans for expansion

Ivory Coast - Partnerships with Orange, Wave, Touton, and Allianz are currently underway. Mozambique - Partnerships with Fidelidade and British American Tobacco Morocco - Partnerships with Saham-Sanlam