Mentoring Her

Virtual mentoring platform for women.

Past and Current Partners

Google for Startups SDGs, Good Things Foundation, META

Active Countries
30 countries
Thematic area(s)
Gender, Inclusive Growth
SaaS, Whitelabel
Organisation Name
Mentoring Her Corporation

The Problem

Mentoring her aims to solve the problem of girls and women being marginalized due to limited access to technology in particular relating to digital skills and digital literacy training. According to the UN's Deputy Secretary-General - Amina J. Muhammed, at the 2021 General Assembly, "Almost half the world's population, 3.7 billion people, the majority of them women, and most in developing countries, are still offline." While the digital divide traverses gender, social, and inclusion, Mentoring Her is focused on the gender divide and its impact on sustainable development goals.

The Solution

Mentoring Her is a virtual mentor- mentee matching platform that utilizes a unique algorithm to predictively analyze the best female mentor- mentee matches in order to achieve optimal mentoring relationships, and opportunities for entrepreneurial and academic outcomes.

How it works?

  • Step 1: New user creates a mentee, mentor or expert coach profile and is added to the approval queue for pre-screening/background check.
  • Step 2: Once new user is approved can now join Mentoring Her, algorithm matches new user (mentee, mentor or expert coach) based on Skills, Industry interests, Location and Help Topics to the best suited matches . Matching can also be done manually by Mentoring Her administrator or by user
  • Step 3: New mentoring relationship is developed. Each mentoring relationship has a separate page which leads them through the process, they can add/edit objectives and goals, send messages to one another, set expectations and schedule audio or video meetings and track .
  • Step 4: System reminders sent to members and administrators to ensure mentoring relationships stay on track. Users can also begin discussions on the community forum, access learning and development resources, promote business and share information to help each other grow.
  • Step 5: Members receive badges and are recognized for their involvement and engagement in the mentoring program.
Digital X Solution Mentoring Her

Bridging the digital divide

The solution supports young girls and women in traditionally marginalized communities who are more likely to be left behind digitally.

Impact and highlights

Connected over 2000 Mentors and Mentees on our platform. Over 400 successful Mentoring Relationships formed. Provided cash grants, mentorship and training to 10 entrepreneurs through our Virtual pitch (3,000 participants).

Plans for expansion

Increase participation by partnering with organizations that support and promote women's advancement and equality. Working on joining forces with governments to promote policy measures aimed at women's digital inclusion.