Digital identity and digital wallet for all types of users, including those without mobile data/internet access.

Past and Current Partners

UNDP Turkey, UNDP SDG Impact Accelerator, WFP Innovation Accelerator, Jeune Entreprise Innovante, French Public Investment Bank (BPI)

Active Countries
Turkey, Kenya, Uganda
Thematic area(s)
Crisis, Inclusive Growth
Organisation Name

The Problem

Gravity is tackling the biggest challenges in humanitarian action that involve lack of recognized proof of identity. Too much valuable NGO time and money has been spent managing; duplicative enrollment efforts and inefficiencies, Lack of access to aid for extremely vulnerable populations without IDs, lack of beneficiary data privacy and security refugee and vulnerable populations also lack access to job opportunities because they are unable to acquire and prove skills. Gravity is using a user-centric digital identity and credentialing platform empowering individuals to prove their identity, their skills, personal information and credentials by bringing together verifiable data (certificates and personal information) about themselves in a digital wallet to build trusted digital identities that are private, portable and persistent they can leverage to access services like humanitarian aid, education, and jobs.

The Solution

Gravity's solution empowers individuals at the bottom of the pyramid to build trusted digital identities that are private, portable, and persistent. Individuals and small businesses store and exchange verifiable data through digital wallets in order to access services like humanitarian aid, finance, and education.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Working with NGOs by providing a technology solution that allows them and their beneficiaries to create a digital decentralized identity and manage credentials.
  • Step 2: NGOs link their beneficiary management system into Gravity's system.
  • Step 3: NGO field agents help beneficiaries sign-up to the Gravity app or provide the users without phones with a QR code containing their identity information.
  • Step 4: The beneficiary can leverage their digital identity and credentials to access services such as cash transfers from the money vendor.
Digital X Solution Gravity

Bridging the digital divide

The product suite is unique from other SSI/decentralized identity products in that it is built to be inclusive of all types of users, including those in low-resource environments. The USSD menu is designed to be used without mobile data/internet access. The Identity Wallet App can also initiate transactions without internet connectivity, however, connectivity is required to complete a transaction. For users without phones, QR codes can be scanned and read in offline mode.

Impact and highlights

  • Gravity's digital identity platform has enabled 200 vulnerable households without a legal ID to access cash assistance from NGOs.
  • Gravity's products reduced the cost of identity management for NGOs by 50%.
  • Gravity's products reduce the time taken to authenticate users for cash transfer delivery from 3 minutes to under 30 seconds per individual

Plans for expansion

Gravity launched its digital solution supporting humanitarian aid in Turkey by working with the UNDP and in Kenya with the DIGID consortium (Dignified Identities in Cash Assistance governed by a consortium of NGOs comprising the Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian Church Aid, and Save the Children Norway). Gravity is also launching in Uganda to continue to support DIGID.