Mobile, personalized, and gamified coach to help improve emotional intelligence (EQ).

Past and Current Partners

UNDP Boost, BigBooster accelerator, and EU4Tech

Active Countries
Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, and more.
Thematic area(s)
Organisation Name
Flourish doo

The Problem

Scientific research has shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) directly affects employability, salary level, happiness and satisfaction of individuals. Current business research shows that current solutions offered for EQ development are expensive and ineffective (both for individuals and organizations).

The Solution

Flourish is an affordable tool for increasing emotional intelligence as an alternative to the existing complex, expensive and time-consuming solutions.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Agreement with an organization for the usage of Flourish and signing a commercial contract
  • Step 2: Organization representatives send a list of users that is imported into the system (they can also import it themselves via the web portal
  • Step 3: The system sends emails to users with login details, video instructions, and links to download the app
  • Step 4: Via the web portal, organisations can track individual progress
Digital X Solution Flourish

Bridging the digital divide

The mobile app enables people to work on their EQ/Soft skills development (in less than 10 minutes per day). Through Flourish, people now have a mobile, personalized, and gamified coach to help improve their EQ.

Impact and highlights

More than 2,000 people increased their EQ in less than 4 months.

Plans for expansion

In Partnership with BigBooster accelerator Flourish plans to develop a sales and marketing strategy to expand in France (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Germany (Baden-Württemberg), Spain (Catalonia), Italy (Lombardy), USA ( Pennsylvania), and Canada (Quebec).