Real-time flood modelling solution for flood forecasting and emergency management.

Past and Current Partners

H2 Ventures Accelerator, River City Labs Accelerator, Joules Accelerator, Rise accelerator (George Washington University)

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Australia, USA
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The Problem

Flooding is becoming more frequent and more severe. In the past 10 years, flooding has taken over 56,000 lives in the APAC region. In 2020 over 20 million people were displaced by floods. People lose their homes, become more vulnerable to waterborne diseases and are left unable to work or provide for their families. World Bank's research shows that at least 35% of flood damage is preventable with the right early warning systems. Much loss of life and damage are caused because current flood forecasting systems are too broad and people do not understand that they or their assets are at risk. Flood warnings from government agencies are based on meteorology or hydrology modelling; communicated as a rainfall depth or peak flood height related to a river or catchment. They are presented as a broad map image at a state or national scale. As a result of these outdated and ineffective flood warnings, government agencies, businesses and individuals alike do not have enough warning time for evacuation, or protecting critical assets.

The Solution

FloodMapp is a world-first real-time flood modelling solution, purpose-built for flood forecasting and emergency management. FloodMapp helps emergency managers prevent loss of life and reduce damage to assets by providing street level, asset specific flood intelligence. With FloodMaps, emergency managers can more efficiently help their communities prepare for, respond to and recover from flooding. Ie provide adequate warning to communities, facilitate targeted evacuations and close flooded roads.

How it works?

  • Step 1: The customer signs up and pays an implementation fee, as well as an annual license fee to integrate the products.
  • Step 2: Users get access to the live web mapping services that they have subscribed to, such as FloodMapp Forecast which is delivered right to their GIS system.
  • Step 3: They use this data to maintain unrivalled situational awareness of what people, property and critical infrastructure are impacted before, during or after the event. For governments, this live data can allow them to identify specific properties and vulnerable populations impacted to issue specific warnings and coordinate targeted evacuations. For transport departments, this live data would allow them to identify ahead of time which roads will be flooded, and close those roads for public safety. For power utilities, it allows them to identify exactly which substations and power cables may come into contact with flood waters and de-energise the network to maintain public safety. It also allows these entities to relocate or protect assets to prevent flood damage and subsequent financial losses.
Digital X Solution FloodMapp

Bridging the digital divide

The solution is specifically designed to deliver digital intelligence needed to emergency managers, and subsequently, communities such that they can take action to improve safety and prevent damage. Their technology will help broader communities across the planet adapt to the growing consequences of climate change and prevent billions of dollars of damages and a large number of deaths from happening. This means it can reduce damage to critical infrastructure and avoid disruption of basic services so communities can minimize the costly impact of natural disasters.

Impact and highlights

  • Both ForeCasts and NowCasts products have been used operationally more than 2,700 times.
  • In March 2021, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warnings predicted major flooding in Logan River with river levels expected to peak between 8.3m and 14.76m. FloodMapp ForeCast mapped the predicted flooding as a digital flood extent map. This allowed emergency managers to rapidly identify impacted properties, and safely evacuate residents 24 hours ahead of the flood event.
  • The solution was integrated with Waze to provide live traffic routing around flooded roads (over 5,800 confirmations from drivers confirmed predictions were accurate).

Plans for expansion

Current plans include expansion to countries in Europe, South East Asia, and South America based on inbound interest and enquiries received.