Measuring carbon emissions, identifying reduction opportunities, and monetising reductions.

Past and Current Partners

European Commission (Climate KiC, EIT Climate Urban Mobility, Horizon 2020), Asian Development Bank, CNES (French Space Agency), Google SDG start-up accelerator, City Finance Lab and South Pole, BT (British Telecom), EDF (Utility group)

Active Countries
France, UK, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Japan, Singapore
Thematic area(s)
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The Problem

Cities are responsible for 70% of the world's GHG emissions: they have a huge reduction potential but lack the financial resources to invest in decarbonisation. Investing into such decarbonisation and sequestration projects and understanding how effective these projects are requires a reliable carbon measuring solution. Until recently there was no such solution suitable for urban and rural territories. As a result, emission reduction projects in cities are not generating revenues from the carbon offset markets, missing out on a $50BN market which is critically needed to help cities reach their net-zero targets.

The Solution

Everimpact's digital carbon Monitoring Reporting Verification (MRV) solution helps cities generate revenues from the voluntary carbon market, access green financing at an improved interest rate , and comply with reporting regulations. This is done by measuring carbon emissions with satellite imagery, big data and sensors. The solution provides clients with their carbon footprint in near real-time and helps reduce emissions. It then certifies the data to the highest standard and finds high-profile carbon offset sellers in current projects monitored with the same methodology (e.g reputable Cities or Large companies).

How it works?

  • Step 1: Working with cities to set up an ambitious Climate investment plan that will decrease carbon emissions and ensure the city achieves net zero
  • Step 2: Performing a satellite imagery analysis of the area and installation of sensors on key spots
  • Step 3: Measuring carbon emissions to get a 12-month baseline, then measuring the emission reductions linked to the implementation of the decarbonisation projects. Measurements will be ongoing for the life of the project.
  • Step 4: Sharing a dashboard with the city and its population to track and report carbon emissions in real time
  • Step 5: Certifying carbon emission reductions
  • Step 6: Selling the emission reduction generated by the project and generating revenue for the city
Digital X Solution Everimpact

Bridging the digital divide

By providing digital reliable carbon data and access to green finance, Everimpact's solution allows cities or governments in developing countries to invest at scale and pace in the needed decarbonisation projects. The solution also allows deprived neighborhoods or cities in developed countries to get climate change projects implemented.

Impact and highlights

Everimpact is measuring 800kt of CO2 emissions/year and 20kt of CO2 emission reduction/year in Dijon (France).

Plans for expansion

The Asian Development bank is one of Everimpact's investors, hence Everimpact has started discussions in India & Indonesia. Everimpact is also in advanced discussions with Hitachi in Japan to implement a government-led voluntary carbon market. On the emission-intensive industry side, Everimpact is preparing projects in Malaysia and Canada.