CyberTracker Classic

GPS field data collection that can be customized for mobile devices to record detailed, complex observations.

Past and Current Partners

Earthranger, Kobo, Trillion Trees, Esri ArcGIS

Active Countries
More than 75 countries
Thematic area(s)
Open Source, SaaS
Organisation Name
CyberTracker Conservation

The Problem

A lack of available solutions for protected area management is prevalent across the globe. Non-technical users that support indigenous communities, citizen science, as well numerous small protected areas cannot afford expensive technical support.

The Solution

CyberTracker offers a mobile data capture and data visualization solution for nontechnical users, including indigenous communities, citizen science, scientific research, and protected area management.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Users download the free CyberTracker software
  • Step 2: Users follow step-by-step tutorials to customize the CyberTracker mobile application to their needs
  • Step 3: If a user has a technical problem, they can post a question on a Google Group to get free technical support
  • Step 4: Some users may request a new feature, which is developed when sufficient funding is secured from donors
Digital X Solution CyberTracker Classic

Bridging the digital divide

The CyberTracker Icon User Interface was originally designed for expert indigenous trackers who cannot read or write. This was a ground-breaking innovation for which CyberTracker was awarded the 1998 Rolex Award for Enterprise. There is a critical shortage of technical skills in nature conservation and especially in support of indigenous communities. CyberTracker Online will enable users with no technical skills to customize a mobile data capture application to collect complex biodiversity and socio-economic data and visualize data in maps and tables.

Impact and highlights

  • CyberTracker Classic's software has been downloaded more than 500,000 times in about 75 countries.
  • Estimated 50,000 users ranging from individual students, scientists, communities, and the national parks services.
  • Through partnerships with the SMART Conservation and EarthRanger software, CyberTracker software is used in more than 1,000 national parks worldwide.

Plans for expansion

Current plans are to develop a new CyberTracker Online solution that will consolidate key, proven features of CyberTracker, and simplified for nontechnical users to support indigenous communities, citizen science, as well numerous small protected areas that cannot afford expensive technical support. CyberTracker Online will be available worldwide.