CarbonSpace Platform

Remote tracking of carbon emissions and sequestrations.

Past and Current Partners

ESA AI Kickstart program, Rockstart, Plug&Play, IoT Tribe, Google Startup Advisor, SEIF program

Active Countries
More than 15 countries
Thematic area(s)
SaaS, AI
Organisation Name
CarbonSpace Ltd

The Problem

Until very recently, land assets lacked carbon footprint measurement and transparency due to the limitations of available tools, which, besides being manual and costly, provided estimations with high uncertainties. The existing process of carbon verification of land and nature-based solutions is highly dependent on third-party audits, including on-site visits and measurements. This makes it extremely costly and only large-scale projects can afford such measures. Furthermore, the evaluations are based on sample measurements and statistical assumptions, which mask variations and real project efficiency.

The Solution

CarbonSpace's technology offers historical data, provides monthly estimations for any number of assets and surrounding areas, and is much more cost effective and scalable than traditional solutions. The major current target groups are food, forestry and carbon offset players.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Nature-based land project owners and operators including small farmers, cooperatives and company supply chains contact CarbonSpace to verify their carbon status
  • Step 2: Projects and organisations are then onboarded and given access to the front end of the user portalCarbonSpace takes the time to understand their needs and customise the CS portal
  • Step 3: The portal generates carbon footprint measurements providing snapshots in time for users who generate data
  • Step 4: Users make use of the data for their carbon needs including supply-chain planning, offsetting and sustainability measurements
Digital X Solution CarbonSpace Platform

Bridging the digital divide

The solution democratises access to data and verification solutions for small and medium players to access green financing and allows them to play a role in the global effort to mitigate the climate crisis. In addition, CarbonSpace helps developing countries track their carbon footprint and progress towards climate goals in a cost-effective way.

Impact and highlights

Through data, they have empowered 30+ organisations in 15+ countries totalling over 3 million hectares.

Plans for expansion

Their global coverage allows them to serve customers in any country but the major focus is on Europe and the Americas. In the long term, the focus will also expand to the public sector to help governments establish effective monitoring tools and incentive schemes on national and regional levels. They are already working with several farming associations to provide visibility on how carbon footprint is distributed across various sectors of the economy.