Akojo Market

E-commerce market that bridges digital divide for women artisans

Past and Current Partners

F Lane (sponsored by the Vodafone Institute and Yunus Social Business), Impact Central (UK).

Active Countries
18 countries
Thematic area(s)
Inclusive Growth, Gender
Marketplace, White Label
Organisation Name
Akojo Market

The Problem

Akojo Market is specifically tackling the lack of opportunity for earning decent income that women, particularly in the informal sector, are able to earn. This has a direct negative impact on their children, their communities and long term prospects. Many of the women (and men) in their communities are skilled at their traditional craft and produce beautiful homeware, accessories and clothing in environmentally considered ways. Akojo are seeking to bring these crafts to international consumers and elevate the products, whilst shining a light on the heritage and skills of these talented makers.

The Solution

Akojo works closely with artisan makers to understand what they need and how they can work within the global logistics and retail systems. By merging technology with human understanding, Akojo onboards artisans and brands to their online marketplace allowing them to easily receive revenue from sales.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Individual makers and brands request to join the Akojo platform.
  • Step 2: Once accepted, they are onboarded and are able to sell their products and share their stories.
  • Step 3: Via mobile banking and other payment methods, sales revenue is redistributed to the vendor.
Digital X Solution Akojo Market

Bridging the digital divide

This digital solution offers easy ways for brands to upload products, obtain guidance on product imagery, sustainable manufacturing processes, and community initiatives such as accelerator programs. It targets individuals in rural locations with limited connectivity and literacy.

Impact and highlights

  • Currently working with over 10,000 individuals.
  • Represent more than 60 brands.

Plans for expansion

Seeking to onboard 100 more brands in the next year.